Top 10 Universities in Europe With No Application Fee. Hello here; it would interest you to know that there are universities in Europe with no application fee, this is to say that these universities charge exactly $0.00 for admission application! Amazing right?

Top 10 Universities in Europe With No Application Fee

I could it is not economic to keep spending bucks in application fee in different universities abroad while at the end of the day none of these universities may consider you for admission.
Application fee is something is something I have been praying to be entirely scrapped but it seems it can hardly be so. Some universities said that the fee takes care of application logistics and I have no power to question this so what I can do for my readers is to give them other options.
There are many amazing universities in Europe with no application fee that you summit your applications to and be sure of saving some bucks towards tuition unless you have plans of studying on scholarship.
Generally, application fees have scared many prospective international students from applying to several universities of their choice both online and offline.
One applicant sent me a text regarding this lately so I decide to research about universities with no application fee in Europe so I can share my findings with you. How good does that sound?
Like you should know, the benefit of universities with no application fee is that you will practically have nothing to lose by applying for admission. If you are not considered for admission you may just quietly walk away knowing that you’ve lost nothing; you weren't charged an application fee!
Unlike universities were you are supposed to pay a certain amount for application, if you are ever not granted admission, you will feel like to mourn the money you spent on application. Very painful in some cases.
Here, like I said, I will be giving you a list of universities with no application fee in Europe for both international students and domestic students.
These universities have vast program options and offer both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.
Good enough, some of these universities offer several scholarship opportunities to both admitted students and students seeking for admission.
You know, application fees for some universities cost up to $75, this way you will be spending $750 to apply for admission in just 10 universities maybe in the US. Here, I am going to give you at least 10 universities that would charge you no dime for admission application and I will be helping you save a whopping $750! Calculate that amount in your local currency so you know how much this information is really worth.
Top 10 Universities in Europe With No Application Fee
  •       TU Munich – Germany
  •          University of Vienna – Austria
  •          University of Oslo – Norway
  •          Vrije Universiteit Brussels – Belgium
  •          RWTH Aachen -Germany
  •          Gent University – Belgium
  •          University of Glasgow – UK
  •          University de Montpellier – France
  •         Politecnico di Milano – Italy
  •         Paris Tech – France
These universities though as popular as they are, do not charge application fees and this is a great favor to applicants. You do not have to spend your tuition fee on application only to stare at the offer when you finally receive it with no money to process it.
Universities like Glasgow is featured among the best universities in the world and also have several scholarship programs.
These universities in Europe with no application fee are my recommendations for international students who are not very quite sure if they would be admitted in Europe if the apply to study there.
Why I recommend them is that, since they charge you nothing for admission, you can use them to test the water! Use them to know if you will be admitted to study in England with your current qualification then you may now decide to or not to apply to any of those with an application fee.
I hope hope you find this article very useful as you can now go ahead to apply for universities in England without spending a dime.

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