Jobs you can Get with a Criminal Justice Degree- The Ultimate Guide into Criminal Justice Degree Jobs

Jobs you can Get with a Criminal Justice Degree- The Ultimate Guide into Criminal Justice Degree Jobs

Do you want to know the jobs you can get with a criminal justice degree? If yes, the relax, read, read and read this article to the end.  A bachelor criminal justice opens up career options across the justice system. Graduates work in crime prevention, harm minimization, law enforcement, court proceedings, detention and rehabilitation. This careers list shows the job opportunities available.

The field of criminal justice focuses on curbing criminal behavior and implementing effective public safety measures. In the US, there are four main branches of criminal justice system which are  law enforcement , judiciary, private security, and corrections. Criminal justice professionals are generally given the responsibility of supervision, safety, and corrective retaining of criminals.

About Criminal Justice Degrees

Criminal Justice Degree is a degree that  prepare students for a number of careers in the Justice field. An associate degree in criminal justice can provide you with the basic knowledge on subjects such as causes of crime and their control policies. A bachelor’s degree program can familiarize you with the processes in the criminal justice system. It places a lot of emphasis on security methods and law enforcement techniques applied in the legal system.

 A master’s degree in criminal justice can help students acquire expertise in specialized areas such as law enforcement or corrections. Online programs in criminal justice can greatly help working professionals to expand their knowledge and appear more attractive to the current and potential employers. In order to give students a sound understanding of criminal justice, the following courses are offered in graduate and undergraduate degree programs:
  • Criminology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Police and Society
  • Criminal Law
  • Social Policy
  • Penology
  • Administration of Criminal Justice
  • Civil Liberties
  • Politics of Law

Jobs you can Get with a Criminal Justice Degree- The Ultimate Guide into Criminal Justice Degree Jobs

As a graduate with a criminal justice degree or a degree in criminology, there are several jobs offers you can apply for with your degree.
In this article, will be looking at Jobs you can Get with a Criminal Justice Degree- The Ultimate Guide into Criminal Justice Degree Jobs in detail.
So, what are the Jobs you can Get with a Criminal Justice Degree? Here are top jobs you can do with your career degree in criminal justice or criminology degree.

1. Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence analysts examine information from many different sources to understand and neutralize potential threats. They use critical thinking and analytical skills to solve complex problems. They might sift through raw data or coordinate with agencies and organizations on challenging security projects. The average salary for intelligence analyst is $56,603 per year

2. Forensic Accountant

Forensic accountants help solve crimes that involve the unlawful use of money. They are also called fraud auditors, investigative accountants or fraud investigators. They use investigative, auditing and accounting skills to look into fraudulent financial practices.  The average salary for a forensic accountant is $72,846 per year

3. Criminal Investigator

Criminal investigators usually work for law enforcement agencies. They collect evidence, interview victims and witnesses, keep records, prepare warrants, arrest criminals and prepare reports. Sometimes they testify in court. The average salary of a criminal investigator is $62,608 per year

4. Fraud Investigator

A fraud investigator scrutinizes allegations of fraud by reviewing evidence, conducting interviews and analyzing documentation. Fraud investigators report their findings and may need to testify in court. They look into different types of monetary fraud, such as insurance claims, work injuries, legal claims and other fraudulent claims. The average salary for fraud officer is $19.53 per hour

5.  Forensic Specialist

Forensic Specialist Also known as a crime scene investigator or crime scene technician, a forensic specialist may collect evidence at crime scenes, while others may analyze evidence in a lab setting. They usually specialize in a certain area, such as testing samples, examining weapons, comparing fingerprints or taking crime scene photographs. The average salary of a forensic specialist is $48,099 per year

6.  Juvenile Correctional Officer

Juvenile correctional officers work with incarcerated minors. They patrol correctional facilities, supervise inmates throughout the day, provide security, enforce rules and observe the progress of juvenile offenders. They are also responsible for transporting inmates, teaching basic life skills to offenders, working with therapeutic teams as necessary and completing reports. The average salary for a juvenile correctional officer is $35,822 per year

7. Probation Officer

Probation officers work with offenders, often overseeing rehab and support programs. Sometimes they work with nonprofit agencies, correctional facilities and parole officers. They provide resources to the probationer, conduct interviews and take other courses of action to make sure the offender is following his or her restrictions. The average salary of a probation officer is  $44,516 per year

8. Law Enforcement Officer

 Law enforcement officers make sure that citizens adhere to the laws, rules and procedures of their communities. They might make arrests, issue citations and apply force to uphold the law. Law enforcement officers may also work for agencies outside of traditional policing. National Average Salary: $45,929 per year

9. Police Officer

Primary Duties: A police officer is tasked with enforcing the law, investigating complaints and responding to emergencies. An officer usually patrols a particular assigned area. The duties and types of crime an officer encounters will depend on his or her jurisdiction, be it a large city, small town or special unit. The average salary of a police officer is  $50,384 per year

10. Customs Officer

 Customs officers enforce customs, immigration and agricultural laws at points of entry. They work on border security, counter-terrorism and immigration. Customs officers prevent illegal goods from entering the country, including drugs, weapons and other contraband. The average salary of a customs officer is $51,085 per year

11. Detective

A detective investigates crimes. They gather and analyze evidence, review cases, conduct interviews and prepare reports. Detectives often work with DNA or fingerprints, and they may sometimes appear in court to testify in a case. The average salary for a detective is $51,329 per year

12. Recovery Agent

A recovery agent finds and apprehends people who have failed to show in court, or they may help to recover stolen property. They are sometimes called bail enforcement agents or bounty hunters. Recovery agents work with law enforcement agencies to make arrests. They must adhere to strict legal statutes. The average salary of a recovery agent is $58,203 per year

13. Border Patrol Agent

Border patrol agents prevent illegal immigrants, illegal weapons, terrorists and contraband from entering the country. They monitor and protect thousands of miles of the border. Special teams and duties include horse patrol, bike patrol, K-9 unit, patrol boats and off-road vehicles. The average salary of a border patrol agent is $60,347 per year

14. Special Agent

Special agents usually work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. As law enforcement officers, they investigate crimes, complete detective work, make arrests and carry weapons. They testify in court, gather evidence and complete paperwork. Special agents often remain on call to protect the country. The average salary of special agent is $68,222 per year

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