Today, we will be looking at the topic" MBA Resume- Top 8 steps towards building a Perfect MBA Resume"
MBA Resume- Top 8 steps towards building a Perfect MBA Resume

Pursuing an MBA is almost always on the long-term plan of any aspiring management professional, and for good reason! A good MBA has the potential to not only exponentially improve your career prospects, but also help you change your job field or take up more advanced managerial roles. Add to this the chance of developing your soft skills and exploring new cultures in a dynamic environment, and one can see the charm a MBA degree holds.

Hence it is no surprise that year per year the number of students going for this degree is showing strong growth. This phenomenon though great for the schools, is not so good news for applicants as competition is now tougher than ever.
With more and more students world over opting to pursue their education in top management schools in the US and EU, one needs to ensure that every part of his profile as well as his application is top notch. 

Everything from your format and headings to the content presentation should be optimized so that the admission committee can clearly understand your profile and most of your achievements in the limited time frame.

MBA Resume- Top 8 steps towards building a Perfect MBA Resume

1 Format

Limit your Resume to Single page as it helps the Ad-com to quickly glance through the information provided.
Avoid adding designs, watermarks, backgrounds, etc. as it can prove chaotic, it’s better to put forward a standard format

2 Font Type & Size

Pick a simple and readable font-style
Use BOLD AND ITALIC to highlight important points.
Keep the font-style and size unique throughout the resume.

3 Contact Details

Mention just the Phone Number and Email-ID in your Resume
Avoid informal email-id’s such as “”, it can be taken by the ad-com as a mark of lack of seriousness.

4 Objective Statement

As it is very clear to the reader the reason why you are submitting the Resume there is not point wasting space iterating the same

5 Bullet Points

One line bullets help express data effectively
For each work experience heading or subheading, you can use 3-4 bullets
Start each bullet sentence with “Action-Words” instead of the regular sentence initiators and conjugators. Try quantifying achievements, this highlights that you are a go-getter

6 Work Experience

While stating your Work-Experience in your Resume, mention the Designation, Name of the Company, The Time Span and the Location of your work-place in a single line. Always place your work-experience in a chronological order, with the most recent one at the beginning followed by a back-track to your first experience.

7 Educational Background

The educational background can also be placed in chronological order giving details of Institute Name, Graduation Date, Programme Name, and Marks scored
You can also mention scholarships, rank in competitive or other entrance exams received, and academic honor, if any here.

8 Proof Read - Again And Again

Never forget to ask someone with a calm head, and ample understanding to proof read your resume objectively


Craft your MBA Resume keeping the above points in mind and we assure you that you will see a remarkable difference.

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